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13+ entry

We cap registrations for 13+ at 150. We have now reached the cap at 13+ for 2017 entry and will operate a waiting list until Friday 5th February.

We ask all candidates to take our entrance examinations in January. If your child takes Common Entrance (as well as our entrance exam), we do take notice of the scores but only as a way of helping to decide setting when the child joins us. It is not possible to gain admission through the Common Entrance route alone.

The Emanuel 13+ entrance examination will be held on Saturday 16th January 2016. A reserve date will be offered if necessary or if the candidate is ill on the day. Papers will be set in Mathematics, English, a Language (French, German, Spanish or Latin) and Science. Please note that the Latin paper is based on the Cambridge Latin course. As a guide, for most candidates we are now seeking a minimum performance level of 60% in English and Maths and not less than an average of 60% across all four papers. However, the published minimum entry scores of 55% will still apply for siblings and winners of scholarships in art, music, sport and drama.

Number of places available: we expect to have places for around 15 to 20 pupils to enter the school in Year 9 in September 2016. The exact number of offers made will depend on the number of pupils in Year 8 in 2015-16. 

Click here to download a sample 13+ English test.
Click here to download a sample 13+ Science test.
Click here to download a sample 13+ Mathematics test.
Click here to download a sample 13+ French reading test.
Click here to download a sample French writing test.
Click here to download a sample 13+ Spanish test.
Click here to download a sample 13+ Latin test.

The English examination will be in two sections: 

In Section A candidates will be asked to read a passage or poem and answer questions which test their powers of comprehension. 

In Section B, the candidates will be required to display their ability in writing a structured and sustained response to a title requiring persuasive or reflective writing. 

Technical matters such as spelling, punctuation and grammar are important in both sections.


Offers published and posted:  Thursday, 11th February 2016
Replies by: Friday, 26th February 2016

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