This week in Year 7 we are celebrating and raising awareness about taking care of our well-being!

On Wednesday, form groups took part in a well-being activity led by their form tutor. 7HAB enjoyed the sunshine and a good book in our eco-garden, and 7AFH did some sit-down yoga!

Each pupil has used the Mind Your 5 acronym ‘HAPPY’ to set themselves five targets for the coming week all about improving their well-being through: Healthy practice, Activities, Positive Emotions, Positive Thoughts and Your Connections!

On Thursday, pupils read articles and considering what their ‘HAPPY’ challenges are by asking themselves what helps their well-being. CJ in 7AFH has created a cartoon strip where he portrays what ‘HAPPY’ means and how to reach for his targets. Grace in 7AFH decided that her ‘HAPPY’ targets were:

H- Get at least 8 hours sleep a night

A- Exercise for at least 15 minutes a day and eat an apple a day

P- Tell someone a compliment each day

P- Give someone a hug

Y- Call a family member I haven’t seen for a while

What would your HAPPY target be?

Ms McCloud (Head of Year 7)