Students entering Emanuel at 16+ join the sixth form – the final two years of a young person’s compulsory education in the UK. We aim to welcome approximately 20 bright and ambitious young people into our sixth form from other schools each year.

We are looking for students who show a genuine engagement with their learning and who will enjoy the high level of support we give students when applying to universities in the UK and abroad, as well as art schools, drama schools and music conservatoires.

There will be no cap on registrations for any entry point for those looking to enter the school in September 2020 and beyond. Registration will be open from two years before the time of entry through to the October before the year of entry, irrespective of the number of registrations.

We hope this change will mean prospective parents and students are able to take their time to decide if they would like to make an application and have the opportunity to visit the school before registering.

Registration for entry in 2020 is now closed. We cannot accept any further applications for 2020 entry.

Registration for September 2021 is now open and will close in October 2020. Key dates will be available later in the year.

Please note registrations cannot be transferred to different entry points.

In some circumstances, usually when household income is below £26,000, it is possible to waive the registration fee. Please get in touch with the admissions office if this applies to you before filling in the registration form- once paid we cannot refund.

16+ entry in 2021

Please do not use the above link for a 2020 application as it is now closed. It will not be accepted and you will be charged the registration fee.

Key dates sixth form 2020

The admissions process

Before registering for a sixth form place at Emanuel, you may wish to view our prospectus or come and visit us at one of our open events.

When you have decided to register for sixth form at Emanuel School, please complete the appropriate registration form linked below. Registration costs £145 per student.

Once registration is received, the admissions office will send confirmation of registration. This may take up to two weeks.

October, year before entry: students will be asked to submit their report from the end of Year 10. We will also request a reference from their current head of year (or equivalent) and their GCSE predictions from their current school. Applicants to the sixth form should expect to achieve a minimum of 18 points at GCSE, where 9=5, A*/8=4, A/7=3, B/6=2 and C/5=1, as well as As or above in their chosen A level subjects.

November, year before entry: sixth form applicants will be invited to an assessment day. The assessment day consists of three 45 minute exams, following by an interview with a member of staff. The two best scores from the exam papers will be taken into account. The papers are as follows:

  • Maths: a non-calculator paper. Problem-solving skills and basic skills, including algebra, will be assessed.
  • English: this test comprises a number of questions in response to a literary piece.
  • General paper: this test comprises multiple choice questions and a question from a choice of essays relating to humanities and science themes, requiring pupils to take a persuasive/argumentative stance.

November, year before entry: A few weeks after the assessment day, successful candidates will receive offer letters by post.

December, year before entry: Acceptance deadline for sixth form places.

16+ entry in 2021

Exam concessions

If you are seeking special exam arrangements of any kind (including extra time or the use of a computer), written request and supporting documentation such as an Educational Psychologist’s report must be received before November 2019 (date to be confirmed).

Exam concession requests are reviewed in line with the requirements of the Joint Council for Qualifications and what is allowed for external exams. The headmaster’s decision on exam concession requests is final. The school will confirm in writing which, if any, special arrangements will be made for the candidate. Candidates must bring the letter of confirmation to the entrance exam.

If you have an Educational Psychologist’s report you must supply this information if you accept the offer of a place.

16+ entry in 2021

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