Where do I register my child?

For 10+ entry in 2022, register here

For 11+ entry in 2022, register here

For 16+ entry in 2022, register here

What information do I need to register my child?

You will need to provide your child’s personal details, which includes their full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, current school and first language. We will require details of the child’s primary guardian, which includes name and contact details, and the same for the child’s secondary guardian, if this applies. You will also need to have a debit/credit card ready to make the £155 registration fee payment. 

When will I receive confirmation that my child’s registration has been received and processed?

While registrations are stored electronically once received, these are subsequently checked by a member of admissions staff. If you have not yet received an email to confirm that we have safely received your child’s registration and the payment of £155, please wait 10 working days before getting in touch as we are currently receiving many enquiries. 

My household income is below £26,000 per annum. How do I waive my registration fee?

If your total household income is less than £26,000 per annum, it is possible to waive the £155 registration fee. If this applies to you, please get in touch with the admissions office (admissions@emanuel.org.uk) before submitting a registration form; we cannot refund the registration fee once it has been paid. 

We will ask you to provide proof of income and once we have approved your eligibility, we will send you a different registration form to complete.


Is there a cap/limit on the number of registrations you receive?

No; registration for all 2022 entry points will stay open until midday on Friday 15th October 2021, regardless of the number of registrations received for places. The registration fee is non-refundable. We strongly recommend that you visit Emanuel School before registering so that you can determine whether the school would be a good fit for you and your child. There is no advantage to registering early. Please see details of our open events here for more information about how to visit the school. 

Why is there no entry point for 13+?

We no longer admit pupils into the school at 13+. Our only entry points are at 10+, 11+ and Sixth Form (16+). While we have historically had a 13+ entry point, there was a very limited number of places available. The next entry point to Emanuel School after 11+ is therefore at 16+ (Sixth Form). Occasionally, places become available at other entry points and we assess these separately. Please note we do not offer mid-year entry.  

What happens after I have submitted the registration form and paid the registration fee?

Once you have submitted the form and paid the registration fee of £155, please allow 10 working days for a response from the admissions team. We will check your form and confirm that the payment has been received. Following this, we will next be in touch with you to request school reports. 

How can I visit the school?

We strongly advise that you visit Emanuel School before registering your child. Please see our open events page for all details of our tours and open events.  

How will you examine pupils this year?

It is our hope that we will be able to return to examining applicants on the school site this year. However, we have contingency in place should that not be possible. We continue to interview all applicants throughout the second half of the autumn term, and these interviews will take place over Zoom.  

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Children who are talented in music, sport, drama or art and design are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. Find out more here. Academic scholarships are awarded on the strength of performance in the entrance exams and during the interview; there is no separate application required for academic scholarships. 

The entrance exam date clashes with another exam or is inconvenient.

All candidates are expected to sit the exam on the published date. However, if there is an examination clash or a candidate is ill on the day of the exam, parents should contact the admissions team.  

My child is living abroad at the moment. Must we visit Emanuel for the examination?

Overseas candidates should contact the admissions team and we will organise for the exam to be taken at an approved centre 

My child has a special educational need. Will they get extra time in the exam?

Extra time is available for any candidate who has a special educational need and an educational psychologist report that recognises the need for special arrangements. Details of the report should be passed to the admissions team 

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