Emanuel school has a long tradition of community involvement though supporting charitable causes and community projects. All pupils at Emanuel are encouraged to be outward looking, to contribute to the community, whether local or global, to learn to notice others around them and to look beyond their own needs.

With this in mind, we are launching Primary Ambitions, an exciting new initiative, in September 2019. All pupils in the lower sixth will be engaged in outreach work on a weekly basis as part of their planned curriculum.

What does Primary Ambitions involve?

Primary Ambitions aims to bring together our lower sixth formers and primary school pupils from schools with a high proportion of pupil premium or free school meal children (in their cohorts). On Friday afternoons, from 2.00-3.00pm, lower sixth formers will teach a variety of subjects to Year 6 children from our local partner schools at Emanuel School. Students will be assigned to teach each subject to a maximum of 15 children from 18 different schools. The programme is divided into five 5-week modules and will run for 25 weeks.

Our sixth form students will be supervised by a member of Emanuel staff, but the emphasis will be on them leading and running each session.  The sixth formers will undertake training and prepare the resources for their modules in early September with the view of running their first sessions later that month.

There will also be some opportunities to engage with other community organisations including Regeneration Rise, a local community centre for the elderly and Spires, a charity focused on helping the homeless in London.

How much time will it take and how will it work in practice?

Students will have a dedicated hour per week to initially familiarise themselves with their module’s content and subsequently teach. Out of the 35 weeks in the academic year, 25 weeks will be spent mentoring, teaching and coaching these children. In addition, they will have a session to prepare as needed. When they are not involved in the programme, students will have private study time.

Our students will nominate their preferred option at the beginning of Autumn term. They will have sessions on safeguarding and teaching tips and techniques and will be supported by a dedicated member of the teaching staff to ensure that they feel prepared and confident to deliver their sessions.

Typical modules

Modules cover a variety of subjects in the arts, language, literature, politics, science, technology, maths and sports. The intent of the programme is enrichment – each 5-week module is curriculum-linked and, importantly, fun.

For example, students will be facilitating hands-on experiments in the Science labs, helping children to write a script and make a film in Filmmaking and experiencing Latin and Roman life including dressing up as gladiators in Latin Primer. Modules are action-packed and fun to deliver.

Why are we doing this?

As a school, we believe wholeheartedly in doing good for others, which is in turn good for ourselves. We have an annual trip to two partner schools in India that is oversubscribed. For those involved, it is a life-changing, eye-opening experience. It is a fantastic opportunity and one that we will continue to support.

There is so much that we can do locally too. We are an integral part of the Wandsworth community and are keen to support those who are close by. Primary Ambitions has social mobility at its core and we believe that we can really make a substantial impact on primary pupils in our local area.

This is an ideal opportunity for our lower sixth formers to engage with our community.

What will Emanuel students gain from the experience?

Our aspiration for the Primary Ambitions programme is two-fold. We expect our lower sixth formers to thrive with this responsibility and develop confidence, empathy and kindness – all traits that we espouse as a school. Further, they will have the opportunity to develop their leadership, organisational and facilitation skills. In turn, we hope that the programme will inspire and challenge young people within our community to develop some new skills, relish newfound opportunities and explore new friendships – and most importantly, have fun!​

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