Winning, losing and taking part together: sport thrives at Emanuel.

Sport is an important part of our culture. Extra-curricular sport is highly valued and provides the opportunity for mass participation and the pursuit of sporting excellence. We aim to help pupils learn to cope with success and failure, to understand and appreciate others, and to encourage the appreciation of fair play. Each week every pupil participates in a 70 minute games session and further provision is offered during extra-curricular time before school, lunch times, after school and weekends.

Core sports

Sports at Emanuel are categorised as core or additional sports. Core sports enjoy greater financial support for equipment and professional coaches.

Netball is the core sport for girls in the Autumn term. Teams throughout the school, at every age level, play regularly against schools throughout the season. In many cases we play against large girls’ schools such as St Paul’s Girls, Wimbledon High and Putney High.

Rugby is the core sport for boys in the Autumn term. Teams across all age groups enjoy regular week day and weekend fixtures. Sevens becomes part of the sports programme in the Spring term.

Rowing is historically the most successful sport at Emanuel with over 50 international and Olympic rowers in the record books and crews that have enjoyed success at the highest level (including winning the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley). For pupils in Year 9 and above, rowing takes place throughout the year and is the major sport for boys in the Spring term and girls in the Summer term.

Cricket is played by both boys and girls to high levels of skill and success. Eight teams across the school regularly play on Saturdays during the cricket season.

Hockey is played by the girls in the Spring term and is a core sport for girls. Hockey is either played on-site on our mini astro, or off-site at our hired sites in Surbiton and Barnes.

Football will be available for boys from Years 6 to 8 in their games afternoons in spring 2020. Eight school teams will participate in training and fixtures against local junior and prep schools. The school will gradually introduce football to all year groups and the sport will, alongside rowing, be one of two core sports for all boys in the Spring term.

Girls’ football will run as a club in Summer 2020 for the Lower School, and we will review and possibly expand our offering at the end of the term.

Additional sports

Additional sports at Emanuel include athletics, cross country, swimming and fives. These sports are taught within PE lessons, games periods, and extra-curricular clubs with exposure to some competitive fixtures in their respective seasons.

The school has a strong sporting tradition and a commitment to ‘sporting excellence’ and ‘sport for all’. All boys from Years 6 to 8 partake in rugby, football and cricket during games afternoons, while girls in Years 6 to 8 play netball, hockey and cricket. Most pupils participate in additional practice sessions and inter-school fixtures on Saturdays. In Year 9 a more structured games programme is delivered, with pupils allocated to specific activities; from Year 10, pupil are given the opportunity to choose which sport they participate in on a termly basis.

Although fives is a an additional sport, fixtures are scheduled throughout the Autumn and Spring terms. These fixtures take priority over core sport practices.

Sports scholars and representative honours

Emanuel School currently sports 26 sports scholars across the year groups. Each scholar makes a substantial contribution towards sport and represents the school at country, regional and national levels. Click here to find out more about sports scholarships at Emanuel.

Several of our pupils have representative honours in a variety of sport. View the brochure below to find out more about representative honours in 2019-2020.

Sports scholars and representative honours

Our sports facilities

  • Two outdoor netball courts, plus four indoor courts in the sports hall
  • A mini-astro, newly built in 2018
  • A large sports hall which has a climbing wall, dedicated fitness suite, classroom and offices,  physiotherapy area and a mezzanine for cardiovascular exercise
  • Playing fields with two pitches for rugby (Autumn term) and cricket (Summer term)
  • Three indoor Eton Fives courts
  • A 25m indoor swimming pool
  • A boathouse located at Barnes Bridge (10 minutes by train from Clapham Junction – 30 minutes travelling time door to door). The boathouse has 70 boats and 7 river launches and a rowing tank for training purposes
  • The school also has the use of three further rugby pitches and a cricket pitch at a facility in Raynes Park (called Blagdons). This is about 20 ‐ 25 minutes travelling time by road
  • We also have use of Surbiton Hockey Club, Barnes Hockey Club, All Stars Tennis, South Bank Centre and The Wimbledon Club

Sports tours

Tours at Emanuel typically follow a two-year cycle, where every other year, a major sport tour is available for boys and girls of junior and senior age. As well as giving pupils the opportunity to develop their talents and skills, tours abroad encourage pupils to develop a social awareness of other countries and cultures.

Senior sports tours are for pupils in Year 11 and the Sixth Form, and are typically a long-haul tour of between 5 and 10 nights; for example, a cricket tour to Sri Lanka for 10 nights, or a hockey tour to Spain for 7 nights. Rowing training camp takes place annually in the Easter holidays, and is typically short-haul.

Junior sports tours are for pupils in Years 8 and 9. They are typically based in the UK or are short-haul; they are normally no more than four nights in length and accessible to the majority of students. Junior sports tours could be a netball tour to Scotland for three nights, or a rugby tour to Ireland for four nights. Rowing training camp (for pupils in Years 9 and 10) takes place annually in the Easter holidays, and is typically UK-based.

Emanuel School sports tour schedule for 2020-2030:

  • 2020/21: senior sports tours – rugby and hockey
  • 2021/22: junior sports tours – cricket and netball
  • 2022/23: senior sports tours – cricket and netball
  • 2023/24: junior sports tours – rugby and hockey
  • 2024/25: senior sports tours – rugby and hockey
  • 2025/26: junior sports tours – cricket and netball
  • 2026/27: senior sports tours – cricket and netball
  • 2027/28: junior sports tours – rugby and hockey
  • 2028/29: senior sports tours – rugby and hockey
  • 2029/30: junior sports tours – cricket and netball

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