We’re planting a new generation of trees at Emanuel and would love your help. Each tree will improve the school environment and benefit students for years to come.  

Sponsoring a tree is the perfect natural Christmas gift or a wonderful way to mark so many occasions: a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, in memory of a special person or a pet, to celebrate a wedding or birth, to mark a retirement, or to say ‘thank you’.

Our expert estates team will plant the tree with care and we will send you a photo of the tree being planted as well as an annual photo. Sponsoring a tree costs £500, which includes a personalised plaque and a minimum 20% donation to the Battersea Rise Trust. When we are able to welcome visitors back to Emanuel, we will invite you to come in and see your tree in our beautiful grounds.

Once planted, your tree will be given special care and attention by our estates team. The trees to be planted include Ginkgo biloba, Turkish hazel and American sweet gum. These will create woodland habitat, increase biodiversity, help to combat climate change and enhance the natural beauty of the Emanuel grounds.

If you would like to sponsor a tree or have any queries, please complete the form below or email us on oe@emanuel.org.uk.

Front entrance: American Sweet Gum

Front of sports hall: Ginkgo Biloba

Southern boundary: Turkish Hazel


Fives area: Tupelo tree

Fives area: Cockspur thorn