At Dacre Day, some of our Year 10 pupils had a stall with information about the upcoming trip to The Gambia, part of the school’s outreach programme.

During the October half term break later this year, 20 pupils (who will then be in Year 11) will visit this fantastic country accompanied by Miss Tendler, Mr Skinner and Miss Sidhu. The trip is being run in partnership with Global Hands, a capacity-building organisation focused on sustainable development solutions. Activities will include working and learning alongside young Gambian people, visiting historical sites and doing work placements in hospitals and schools.

At Dacre Day, this group of committed pupils (Eve, Dalia, Antonin, Maddie and Martina) raised almost £500 which will be used to plant fruit trees and buy equipment to help establish Global Hands’ food production enterprise, The Smiling Food co. The pupils are continuing their fundraising efforts and are hoping to raise £5,000 to help launch this project in October. We hope that there will be some tasty Gambian produce for sale at the school in the future!

Mr Skinner (Media Coordinator)