Emanuel School has a long tradition of community involvement, supporting local charitable causes and community projects. All pupils at Emanuel are encouraged to be outward looking, to contribute to the community, whether local or global, to learn to notice others around them and to look beyond their own needs.

As a school we have a wide and positive impact on our local area. Locally, the school contributes over £14 million per year to the GDP of Wandsworth and provides employment for nearly 400 people*.

We also work with over 20 local primary schools as well as charities, churches and organisations focusing on social mobility. We aim to positively impact the educational experience of thousands of local children.

You can read more about our outreach work here. In 2019 we launched Primary Ambitions: an exciting new partnership programme that involves all Emanuel Lower Sixth students actively engaging in outreach work on a weekly basis as part of their planned curriculum. You can read more about Primary Ambitions here.

* Statistics provided by the Independent School Council, Impact of Emanuel School on Local and National Economy