Lady Dacre founded the school in 1594 with a vision to provide an education to children irrespective of family income.

Today, nearly 430 years on, the headmaster and governors are committed to Lady Dacre’s vision of a place of learning where pupils can learn important skills for later life and to providing an education that is available to children from all backgrounds. In 2019 we are launching our bursary appeal, aiming to more than double the current bursary provision by the 430th anniversary of the school.  It is our belief that the educational experience of every single pupil is enhanced by studying alongside classmates from all backgrounds.

For many of our alumni, this school and the national assisted places scheme gave them a start in life that has secured their futures; the bursary appeal would like to sustain our school’s ability to do this for young people in the years to come.

Social mobility

A central point in Emanuel’s ethos is to cultivate an ‘altruistic, caring and outward-looking community’.

Our new Primary Ambitions outreach project, an initiative with up to 20 local primary schools, has social mobility aims at its core. It will mean that every Friday afternoon from September 2019, our lower sixth form students will be off timetable and working with local primary school pupils (we have sought out partnerships with schools that have high percentages of pupils who receive the pupil premium and/or free-school meals).

We strongly believe in this initiative and know that it will be a true partnership, with great and genuine benefits to both sides. Through teaching and mentoring in areas across the creative and performing arts, as well as sport and academic subjects, we hope to develop ‘soft skills’ and self-esteem in our older pupils (ever important in our changing world), whilst also encouraging different learning opportunities and fresh experiences for the primary children.

We have been delighted with the response from primary schools and local charities. We very much remain open to discussion about any other ways in which our school can support the local, regional and national community.

Further from home, we have a thriving partnership with a school in India and have plans to achieve another initiative in The Gambia for younger pupils.