The Emanuel Society incorporates all members of the school community – pupils, parents, alumni, staff and friends of the school. Its aim is to keep everyone updated on the full range of opportunities available at Emanuel and ensure the wider community continues to feel connected to the school.

The society is supported by the school development office and includes the following groups:

  • The Anne Dacre Club
  • The Emanuel Parents’ Association
  • Old Emanuels
  • Old Emanuel Association
  • Careers and networking

If you have any questions or would like to see additional groups added then please email

The Anne Dacre Club

Lady Anne Dacre founded Emanuel School in 1594. It was her vision to create an outstanding co-educational school offering life-changing opportunities to those who attended. We are delighted to continue to follow her vision today.

The Anne Dacre Club (ADC) organises trips, visits, lectures and dinners for the entire Emanuel community, both past and present. Many of these will be unique cultural events with an Emanuel twist, where we offer money-can’t-buy experiences through leveraging the phenomenal talents and achievements of our alumni and parent body.

Members have priority at all ADC events and the current joining fee is £15 for a family membership.

Join the Anne Dacre Club

The Emanuel Parents' Association (EPA)

All parents are members of the Emanuel Parents’ Association (EPA): an organisation that is run voluntarily by parents, for parents, with a focus on running social events and seminars throughout the year. Being part of the EPA, as a Rep or Trustee, is a fun, enriching and undemanding role that is an excellent way to feel more involved in school life. The EPA supports the school’s Battersea Rise Trust and its community-based initiatives.

If you would like to get involved in the EPA, or simply want to know more, please contact and we will add you to our communications list.

Old Emanuels (OEs)

All past pupils and teachers of Emanuel automatically become Old Emanuels (OEs). We aim to keep OEs in touch with each other and the school through events and reunions, as well as regular OE communications. These include our termly e-newsletter, annual magazine The Rose & Portcullis, and our OE Facebook and Twitter pages. OEs also support Emanuel by providing careers assistance, giving talks and supporting fundraising initiatives for the Battersea Rise Trust.

Alumni (OEs)

The Old Emanuel Association (OEA)

Find out more about the OEA here.

Emanuel Careers and Opportunities Network (ECON)

This group comprises a range of activities centred around our desire to offer students and members of the Emanuel Society access to fantastic career and networking opportunities. Some of the current activities include:

Emanuel Careers and Opportunities Network (ECON)

ECON is an online portal which allows students the chance to harness the vast array of career experience Emanuel parents can offer. This network provides students with the opportunity to learn and make valuable contacts across a variety of careers in a safe and monitored environment.

Industry Champions

Our industry champions are an outstanding collection of Old Emanuels and parents who wish to mentor and support our pupils in fulfilling their career aspirations. The champions currently run mentoring sessions and an entrepreneurship event for pupils.

Industry Events

We organise industry-specific networking and information events which offer the opportunity for current pupils to gain an insight into the reality of working in a specific sector. Pupils benefit from the advice and support of parents and OEs who are experts in their field. It is also a chance for parents and alumni in the industry to network.

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