During this term’s WasteLESS Week a huge number of pupils and staff got involved making sure they ate everything on their plates at lunchtime. 

Plate food waste at lunch time is an issue and WasteLESS Week helps us to focus people’s minds on only taking what they can manage to eat.  During this week plate food waste was reduced from an average of 340 kilos per week to 226 kilos, a fall of 114 kilos.  It is everyone’s responsibility to try to eat everything every day so that we can continue to see a downward spiral in plate food waste.

Well done to the lower school pupils who did a great job eating everything each day.  We had over 230 pupils who cleared their plates each day and managed to collect all five stickers.  Congratulations goes to the three winners of an Amazon voucher Hannah in year 6, Ria in year 7 and Fred in year 8 for collecting all five stickers.

Mrs Street (Catering Manager)