On Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May, Hill form pupils enjoyed an exciting overnight residential trip with The Bushcraft Company in Cuffley, Hertfordshire. 

The Bushcraft Company take pupils into the wild and give them real back-to-nature experiences they will never forget. Some of the activities our pupils took part in included cooking burgers on their own self-made fires, making wooden pegs for their tents, camouflaging themselves for some tracking, building traps, toasting marshmallow s’mores and taking part in a ‘Tribe’s Got Talent’ show. Below, some of our pupils share their feedback on the experience.

Making fires

“I loved Bushcraft, and I really enjoyed playing in the woods. The tribe leaders came up with some new, and fun, games like 21, numbers, predator and so many new ones. In my opinion, this was an unmissable trip.” – Jake (6ERM)

“Hill form escaped civilisation for two days and went on a Bushcraft adventure. We played games, learnt songs and even cooked our own burgers over fires that we had made ourselves. We had so much fun! A big thank you to Mr Shetzer, Miss McCloud and Miss Chetwood for being excellent sports and for putting on an exceptional dance routine to Dancing Queen! Miss Chetwood’s hips seemed to have a life of their own!!!” – Tallulah (6CAL)

Acquiring some life skills!

“Bushcraft was a fun and interesting outdoor trip. We played fun games, toasted marshmallows, we did the Tribe’s Got Talent show and made shelters which you were allowed to sleep in for the night. My favourite part was shelter building because we got to be as creative as we wanted, you could make a cricket pitch for example using twigs and leaves. I really liked the trip and I hope I go again.” – Jasmine (6ERM)

“We had such a fun time at Bushcraft and we did so many things and it went by super quickly. We did activities from lighting fires to building shelters. It was an amazing experience and I will remember it for a long time!” – Maisie (6CAL)

Getting to work with camouflaging