You might have thought that Chemistry was a difficult subject to study away from the school labs, but Year 7 have continued unperturbed with their normal curriculum this week, recreating practical work in their own kitchens.

Looking at the topic of separating mixtures, they experimented with immiscible liquids (cooking oil and water), shaking them together and then watching them separate into phases. The highlight of the lesson was using these ideas to create a “lava lamp”. If you have a chance, this is well worth having a go at, and only requires oil, water, food colouring and some kind of effervescent tablet. Parents and pupils can get to the lesson here.

Well done to the many Year 7 pupils who sent photos and video clips of their work! We were very impressed by their efforts.

With the move away from the school site, it looks like home experiments are going to be a regular feature of science lessons over the next few weeks. Watch this space for further updates on the exciting practical work our pupils can try for themselves at home!

Mrs Brown (Head of Science)