As the pupils move into the Middle School, they are encouraged to be inquisitive and aspirational learners who enjoy challenging themselves both in and out of the classroom.

Pupils inevitably develop a strong rapport with their peers, as well as developing an equally important relationship with their form tutor who will support and guide them towards their GCSE examinations. Pupils are always keen to avail themselves of the myriad opportunities for enrichment, stretch and challenge that Emanuel offers and to develop their personal interests, whatever they may be. Pupils are hugely busy with the diverse co-curricular life of the Middle School and we absolutely believe this to be essential to ensuring a healthy balance in all pupils’ lives, as well as being integral to their future academic success.


The pupils have a camaraderie with each other and the staff that we did not see at any other school.

Current parent

Whilst our approach to pastoral care is rooted in kindness, we seek also to equip our young people with the confidence, resilience and ambition so essential to modern life in the 21st century. The Life Education programme, led by tutors and expert speakers alike, looks to thoroughly tackle the challenges of being a teenager today and allows for pupils to explore contemporary issues in a way that is both informative and reflective. Furthermore, Life Education offers opportunities for pupils to learn and practise the necessary study skills required for academic success as they move through the Middle School to their final GCSE examinations.

Mrs McIsaac
Head of Middle School

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