For the academic year 2024-25, the fees are £8,263 per term. The school fees are subject to annual review by the governors. They can be paid termly or monthly by direct debit.


A deposit of one term’s fees is payable on acceptance of a place. This is paid in four instalments. The first instalment of £2,000 will be payable in the March of the year of entry, with the remaining three payments being payable in equal instalments in June, July and August. This deposit will be held by the school as part of the school’s general fund. The deposit will be refunded to you when your child leaves the school, provided that the child completes at least one term at Emanuel, and will be repaid without interest and less any monies which may be outstanding at the time (e.g. books which have not been returned at the time of preparing the final account). Please note that the first part of the deposit will not be refunded if your child does not take up the offered place at Emanuel.

Supplementary charges

In general, compulsory items including school lunches are included within the termly fees. However, supplementary charges are made for items such as external examination fees and for optional items such as school trips and expeditions, the Portcullis magazine and membership of the Emanuel Parents’ Association.

Fees Refund Scheme

Fees Refund Scheme Information