Chairman Mr M Jaigirder MA
Vice Chair Mrs J Sutcliffe MA
Mr FR Abbott BA
Mrs SC Dawson BEd
Alderman D Graves
Ms S Hales BA
Ms T Lyons MA
Mr JWJ Mitchell MA NPQH
Lady Sassoon MA
Dr CF Scott BA, BSc, MA

Dr G Carver MA, DFA, FRSA, CEO/Clerk of The United Westminster and Grey Coat Foundation

Senior management team

Headmaster Mr RS Milne MA KCL (Teacher of English)
Deputy Head: Pastoral Mr R Kothakota MEd Buckingham (Teacher of Drama)
Deputy Head: Academic Mrs JL Peters MA Oxon (Teacher of English)
Deputy Head: Operations & Staff Dr SJ Wakefield PhD, MA, AKC KCL (Teacher of Classics)
Deputy Head: Mr SW Turner BSc (Teacher of Geography)
Assistant Head: Academic Dr RM Evans DPhil Oxon (Teacher of Chemistry)
Assistant Head: Co-Curricular Mr JP Layng BSc Nottingham, MCIEA MRSB (Teacher of Biology)
Assistant Head: Teaching and Learning Ms JA Johnson MA Oxon (Teacher of English) (maternity leave)
Acting Assistant Head: Teaching and Learning Mrs R Brown MA Oxon (Head of Science)
Head of Sixth Form Mr WJ Quayle BSc Dunelm (Teacher of Mathematics)
Head of Middle School
Mrs J McIsaac MA Lond (Teacher of History)
Head of Lower School Miss HC Windsor BA Cardiff (Teacher of English)
Senior Tutor Mr SP Andrews BA Swansea (Teacher of History)
Bursar Mr M Russell ACMA

Safeguarding staff

Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr R Kothakota MEd Buckingham
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads Mr WJ Quayle BSc Dunelm, Mrs J McIsaac MA Lond, Miss HC Windsor BA Cardiff
Head of Safeguarding Miss HL Mackenzie MA Manchester

Pastoral staff

Deputy Head: Pastoral Mr R Kothakota MEd Buckingham

Chaplain Revd S Labran MPhil Cantab

Head of Lower School Miss HC Windsor BA Cardiff
Head of Middle School Mrs J McIsaac MA Lond
Head of Sixth Form Mr WJ Quayle BSc Durham
Deputy Head of Lower School Miss R Chetwood MA Lond
Deputy Head of Middle School Miss LJ Fitzgibbon BSc Northumbria

Director of Higher Education Mr D Hand BA Liverpool

Head of Hill form (Year 6) Miss ER McCloud BA Nottingham
Head of Year 7 Miss R Chetwood MA Lond
Head of Year 8 Miss HE Blaikie BSc Oxford Brookes
Head of Year 9 Mr MA Hipperson BA Loughborough
Head of Year 10 Miss LJ Fitzgibbon BSc Northumbria
Head of Year 11 Miss LA Holden LLB Warwick
Head of Lower Sixth Mr ND House MA Queensland, Australia
Head of Upper Sixth Miss NL Boyd BSc West of England

Pastoral Coordinator Miss JO Henderson BA Southampton

Head of Clyde house Mr SJ Clarke MA Edinburgh
Head of Drake house Miss RE Mott Central St Martin’s
Head of Howe house Miss N Sidhu BSc Bristol
Head of Lyons house Mr AJ Leadbetter BSc York ACA
Head of Marlborough house Mr JJ Hale BA Exeter
Head of Nelson house Mr M Shetzer MA McGill, Canada
Head of Rodney house Mr DG Ashton BEng Leicester
Head of Wellington house Mr CJ Reed BA Brighton

Academic staff

Mr PS Adams MA St Andrews (Head of Classics)
Ms L Aitken-Burt BA Oxon (Teacher of History & Politics)
Mr SP Andrews BA Swansea (Senior Tutor, Teacher of History)
Mr DG Ashton BEng Leicester (Head of Rodney House, Teacher of Mathematics)
Mr JT Barber BA Birmingham (Head of Primary Partnerships, Teacher of French)
Mr C Barker BSc York (Teacher of Chemistry)
Miss EC Bird BSc Exeter (Head of Hockey)
Mr RJ Bishop MEng Bristol (Head of Mathematics)
Miss HE Blaikie BSc Oxford Brookes (Head of Year 8, Director of Rowing)
Dr PA Blum PhD London (Teacher of Learning Support)
Mr CM Booth BSc Loughborough (Head of Cricket)
Miss NL Boyd BSc West of England (Head of Upper Sixth, Teacher of Psychology)
Mrs RC Brown MA Oxon (Acting Assistant Head: Teaching and Learning, Head of Science and Chemistry)
Miss SJ Bunting BSc Queens (Head of Biology)
Ms H Burdett BA Kent (Teacher of Religious Studies)
Ms HR Burnett BA Edinburgh College of Art (Teacher of Art)
Mr DL Buxton BSc Manchester (Teacher of Chemistry, Arts & Science Week Coordinator)
Ms US Casais BA Goldsmiths London (Head of Clyde House, Teacher of Spanish) (Maternity Leave)
Ms H Chambers MSc Bristol (Teacher of Music)
Miss R Chetwood MA London (Deputy Head of Lower School, Head of Year 7, Teacher of Mathematics)
Dr G Ni Cheallaigh PhD King’s College London (Teacher of French)
Mr RD Chuter MA Cantab (Teacher of Physics)
Mr SJ Clarke MA Edinburgh (Head of EPQ, Acting Head of Clyde House, Teacher of English)
Ms V Cojbasic BScEE (Serbia) (Teacher of Mathematics)
Miss RG Cottone MA Courtauld Institute (Teacher of Art)
Ms H Courtney BBS Dublin (Teacher of Business & Economics)
Dr MP Dancy PhD Manchester (Teacher of Physics and ICT)
Mr WG Davis BA Manchester (Head of Politics, Super-Curricular Coordinator)
Ms VV Dittmer BSc Birkbeck, London (Teacher of German)
Dr K Donn PhD Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (Deputy Head of English)
Mr JE Dunley BA Exeter (Head of Film Studies, Teacher of English)
Dr RM Evans DPhil Oxon (Assistant Head: Academic, Teacher of Chemistry)
Mr NM Fazaluddin BSc King’s College London (Teacher of Mathematics)
Miss CE Fearnley BA Wales (Head of Drama)
Miss LJ Fitzgibbon BSc Northumbria (Deputy Head of Middle School, Head of Year 10, Teacher of PE)
Mr WA Ford MA King’s College London (Teacher of Classics)
Mr SD Gaynor BSc West of England (Director of Rugby)
Ms CA Giordano MA Birkbeck (Teacher of Spanish)
Mr E Gorst BSc Newcastle (Teacher of Biology)
Ms L Graham BEd Buckingham (Teacher of English)
Ms C Graves BA University College London (Head of Co-Curricular Drama)
Mr NP Guegan MA Roehampton (Head of Design and Technology)
Mr JJ Hale BA Exeter (Eco Coordinator, Teacher of Mathematics, Head of Marlborough House)
Mr D Hand BA Liverpool (Director of Higher Education, Teacher of English)
Mr WT Hanson BA Dunelm (Director of Sport)
Mr J Harris MSc Oxon (Teacher of Geography)
Miss JO Henderson BA Southampton (Pastoral Coordinator, Teacher of English)
Miss AF Hewett MA School of Theology (Head of Religious Studies)
Mr MA Hipperson BA Loughborough (Head of Year 9, Teacher of Business & Economics)
Miss LA Holden LLB Warwick (Head of Year 11, Teacher of Mathematics)
Ms CL Hoult MA London (Teacher of Classics)
Mr ND House MA Queensland (Australia) (Head of Lower Sixth, Teacher of Music)
Mr C Janz MA Oxon, PG Dip. (Director of Music)
Ms JA Johnson MA Oxon (Assistant Head: Teaching and Learning, Teacher of English)
Mr SM Jones MPhil Aberystwyth (Head of History)
Mr AF Keddie MA Oxon ACIB (Head of Outdoor Pursuits, Teacher of History and Politics)
Mr CD Kidd MA Oxon (Head of Modern Languages)
Mr R Kothakota MEd Buckingham (Deputy Head: Pastoral, Teacher of Drama)
Mr PA King BSc Warwick (Head of Athletics and Cross Country, Teacher of Physics)
Revd. S Labran MPhil Cantab (Chaplain, Teacher of Religious Studies)
Mr WW Lai MEng Cantab (Teacher of Mathematics and ICT)
Mr JP Layng BSc Nottingham, MCIEA MRSB (Assistant Head: Co-Curricular, Teacher of Biology)
Mr AJ Leadbetter BSc York ACA (Head of Lyons House, Societies Coordinator, Teacher of Mathematics)
Miss CA Lepretre License d’Anglais Toulouse (France) (Teacher of French)
Mrs RA Lewis MA Glasgow (Head of Exams, Teacher of French)
Mrs AM Limon BA Warwick (Head of Learning Support and Teacher of English)
Ms F Low MSc Exeter (Deputy Director of Sport)
Mr P MacDonagh MA Lond (Head of Computing)
Miss HL Mackenzie MA Manchester (Head of Safeguarding, Teacher of History)
Ms SE MacMillan BA Bristol Polytechnic (Head of Art)
Miss HH Malik MSc Open University (Head of Careers, Teacher of Chemistry)
Mr A Maskell MSt Oxon (Teacher of English)
Miss ER McCloud BA Nottingham (Head of Year 6, Teacher of English)
Mrs JJ McIsaac MA London (Head of Middle School, Teacher of History)
Mr RS Milne MA King’s College London (Headmaster, Teacher of English)
Mr MM Morrison BA Cantab (Teacher of Classics)
Mrs JAE Morrison-Bartlett BSc Hull (Teacher of Physics)
Miss RE Mott BA Central St Martin’s (Teacher of Design and Technology, Head of Drake House)
Dr G Ni Cheallaigh PhD (Teacher of French)
Dr A Nunez PhD Technical University of Madrid, Spain (Teacher of Physics)
Miss AS O’Donnell BSc Lancaster (Teacher of Psychology)
Dr SP Parsons MSc Cantab (Head of Physics)
Mrs MD Pattinson BSc Surrey (Teacher of Mathematics)
Mrs JL Peters MA Oxon (Deputy Head: Academic, Teacher of English)
Miss KF Preston BA Exeter (Teacher of Geography)
Mr WJ Quayle BSc Dunelm (Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Mathematics)
Mr CJ Reed BA Brighton (Teacher of Art)
Mrs SM Riley MBA London Business School (Teacher of Spanish)
Mr MJ Ross BA Exeter (Teacher of Design and Technology)
Miss SK Routledge MA Edinburgh (Head of English)
Ms S Shaw Dip.SplD APC, Dip. d’Etudes Francaises Lille (France) (Teacher of Learning Support)
Mr M Shetzer MA McGill (Canada) (Head of Nelson House, Charities Coordinator, Teacher of Physics)
Ms O Shiels MChem Oxon (Trainee Teacher of Chemistry)
Miss N Sidhu BSc Bristol (Teacher of Mathematics, Head of Howe House)
Ms J Spruce MSc Oxon (Teacher of Biology)
Mr M Swift MFA New York (USA) (Teacher of Art)
Miss N Tawil BA Queen Mary and Westfield (Teacher of Geography)
Miss RE Tendler BA Cantab (Teacher of Geography, Teacher in charge of Overseas Partnerships, Editor of The Portcullis)
Mr RS Tong LLB Leeds (Head of Business Studies and Economics)
Mr SW Turner BSc Southampton (Deputy Head, Teacher of Geography)
Mr CJ Vafidis BA Exeter (Teacher of Drama)
Dr SJ Wakefield MA PhD AKC King’s College London (Deputy Head: Staffing and Operations, Teacher of Classics)
Mrs VE Walton BA Oxon (Teacher of Business Studies and Economics)
Miss SV Wells BSc Manchester (Teacher of Biology)
Mr W Whiting MA Bristol (Teacher of Music)
Miss A Williams BA Cantab (Teacher of Classics)
Mrs LG Wilson BSc Nottingham (Head of Psychology)
Miss HC Windsor BA Cardiff (Head of Lower School, Teacher of English)
Mrs HV Wootton BA Edinburgh (Head of Geography)
Mr RC Worrell BA Chester (Teacher of Geography)
Mrs A Zaratiegui MA London (Teacher of Spanish)

Support staff

Bursar Mr M Russell ACMA
Deputy Bursar & Director of HR Ms NM Waters MCIPD, BA Manchester
Admissions Secretary Ms D Shuttleworth
Assistant Librarian Mr G Dibden
Boathouse Manager Mr M Orzel
Catering Manager Mrs P Street
Chef Mr RC England
Communications & Marketing Coordinator Miss B Gore BA Exeter
Counsellors Ms T Bhokanandh MSc Birkbeck, Mrs E Morrissey Dip. Roehampton, Ms A Siddiqui LLB Southampton
Data Manager Mr D Lugo Pino BSc City
Deputy Development & Community Partnerships Director Ms L Irwin MBA London Business School
Development & Alumni Manager Mrs A Van Es BA Manchester
Development Director Mr J Clark BA Nottingham
Director of Rowing Mr TH Liversage
Estates Director Mr CA Wright MSc Leeds
Examinations Officer Mrs AP Alleyne-Graham
Executive Assistant to the Headmaster / HR Advisor Miss CJ Procter BA Manchester
Finance Assistant Mrs E Hogan
Financial Controller Mr AM Fernando BA York CA
Finance Officer Mrs Sheppard AAT
Groundsmen Mr C Barbosa, Mr M Benbow [Blagdons], Mr N Francois
Hard Services Manager Mr S Gandesha
Head Grounds Keeper Mr M Swan
Head of Admissions & Communications Miss E Maclean BSc Bristol
Head of IT & Compliance Ms V Rodnight MA, UCD, MA St Andrews
Health & Safety Officer Mr D Bardo
Human Resources Officer Ms S Blackburn
IT Technicians Mr M Uddin, Mr Q Willett
Language Assistants Ms PL Gruel [French], Mr A Lopez MEd Sevilla (Spain) [Spanish], Mrs B Timm-Oldenkott [German]
Music Administrator Mr T Sandford
Network Administrator Mr K Kaba BSc Kingston
PA to the Bursar / Admissions Assistant Miss PR Gurden BA Oxon
PA to the Deputy Head: Academic / Academic Administrator Ms FS Appleyard Dip. Institute of Leadership
PA to the Deputy Head: Pastoral / Admissions Assistant Mrs V Jones
PA to the Deputy Head: Operations & Staff Ms JA Kiaer
Resources Officer Miss EC Bayman
School Keepers and Maintenance Mr J Guarnieri, Mr J Lea, Mr JE Light, Mr E Stansbury
School Nurses Mrs P Accary-Bouzid, Ms S Dodds
School Receptionist Ms SL Carter
Security Miss E Dickson, Mr T Mahmood
Senior Librarian Mr T Jones BA, PG Dip, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen MCLIP
Sixth Form Administrator Ms A Fitzgerald
Sixth Form Cafe Miss J Acan
Soft Services Manager Mr A Shaith
Sports Coaches Ms A Elliott MBA London Business School, Mr S Gourevitch BSc Birmingham, Miss C Jackson BSc Bournemouth, Mr G Jones, Mr C Leigh, Mr R Marriott BA Dublin, Mr P Meaney BSc UCL, Miss L Murphy, Mr D Parnham, Mr B Rogers, Mr M Stear
Sports Hall Attendant Miss K Smith
Technical Staff Miss L Caffyn BA Exeter [Drama], Miss LC Carter BA Warwick [Science], Ms A Foxen BA Brighton [Design & Technology], Mrs R Jones [Science], Miss A Kerstein BA Nottingham [Drama], Mr J Skinner MA Sussex [Media], Ms E Sokalu MSc Glasgow [Science], Mrs L Spinelli-Williams BA Leeds [Art], Miss S Stansfield BA Brighton [Art], Miss O Thorne BA Guildford [Drama], Mrs EM Valenzuela [Biology]

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