Digital archive

Some of the new material includes:

  • Further Prize/Speech Day Programmes
  • Vintage cricket ad rugby cricket cards
  • Rowing programmes from 1960s
  • School and Old Emanuel tour programmes
  • Updates of drama and music programme lists
  • Old magazines, including Forum and The New Era
  • Information on Emanuel Hospital
  • Openings and anniversaries including the royal visit 1951
  • The full book of Emanuel School: an Illustrated History by Nigel Watson

We have other exciting work in progress, including the digital scanning of both versions of The History of Emanuel School by CW Scott-Giles.

Please email if you require the username and password.

Recent photo donations

Thank you to the following OEs for their generous photo donations. If you have any photos from your Emanuel days, we are really interested in seeing them. Please email

Mic Dixon (OE1966-73)

Mostyn Field (OE1969-76)

Alistair Tinker (OE1976-82)

Peter Reason (OE1955-63)

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