We pride ourselves on being a genuine community of altruistic and aspirational young people and staff, one that shows kindness and respect to all, with a concern for pupil wellbeing and their holistic life at the core.

Our aims

  • Promoting independent thought and a lifelong curiosity for learning
  • The pursuit of academic excellence
  • Providing a broad-based education enabling all pupils to discover their strengths, develop their individual talents and prepare for higher education and adult life
  • Providing supportive pastoral care that nurtures health and wellbeing, emotional maturity and spiritual richness
  • Engendering respect, tolerance and understanding of the importance of caring for others and the environment
the individual

By the time pupils leave the school they have developed into respectful and mature young people ready to make a positive contribution to a global society.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Ethos: our approaches

  • Pastoral care, wellbeing and pupil happiness: we ensure that every child is recognised, included, valued and supported to enjoy their life, thrive, and be happy at our school.
  • Co-curricular and community life: we cultivate an altruistic, outward-looking and caring place that helps young people enjoy a sense of fun, self-esteem and personal momentum. Emanuel is a place where they are encouraged and helped to find creative and co-curricular passions, and are given the support to sustain involvement in them.
  • Academic approach: we sustain a vibrant, forward-thinking and exciting school, adding value to every pupil as a means of enhancing wellbeing – not harming it.
  • Communications and actions: we are always professionally approachable, empathetic, positive and pupil-centered.