My favourite things about Emanuel School (Jake, Year 6)

 The thing I love most about Emanuel is how all the teachers are kind and supporting, and they don’t mind if you don’t understand something first time round.

My favourite teacher is Miss Dittmer (Modern Foreign Languages) as she encourages us to ask questions and shows us some fun and educational videos, and sometimes a German movie.

The food at Emanuel is the best! It’s really tasty and I get to eat new foods that I would probably never have tried before. So far, my favourite meal is the Christmas dinner although everyone always looks forward to the pasta. Everyone loves the food and barely any food is thrown away.

    If I had a problem, I know there would be lots of people to turn to for help.

My favourite school trip was a team-building day where we got to play football in massive zorb balls, do an obstacle course and even try some orienteering.

The clubs at Emanuel are amazing! The selection is enormous. You can choose from climbing walls to robotics, films to swimming and chess to costume design. The clubs are free and optional. It’s great to try out new things.

I do feel very supported and looked after at Emanuel as I have so many good friends already and I know lots of nice teachers. If I had a problem, I know there would be lots of people to turn to for help.

The funniest thing that has happened at school is when someone accidentally smashes a plate, everyone claps and cheers for some odd reason.

I have one hour and twenty minutes a day of break, including lunch. We can play outside, go to the library and complete homework or read calmly.

Overall, I love my school!

There is never a dull day at Emanuel (Kaia, Year 7)

Emanuel is awesome. Everyone is so friendly and even the teachers are really nice. There is never a dull day and there is something new and exciting in every lesson.

My favourite part of Emanuel is definitely the sport as there is so much variety in what you can do; whether it’s netball, hockey, rugby or even fives, the sport at Emanuel is great.

I would really recommend that anyone starting at Emanuel should try out a few of the great clubs on offer because they are so much fun and a really good way to make new friends. You can also create clubs of your own, for example my friend and I created a girls’ football club to give girls the opportunity to try new things.

Lessons are great as well and my favourite lesson by far is Maths. All of the teachers are so friendly and help you if you don’t understand something.

    I’m always excited to start a new day as I know that it will be an amazing day.

Throughout the six weeks that I have been at Emanuel I have made so many great friends and learnt so much – it’s been the best six weeks of my life!

Emanuel is an amazing school (Henrik, Year 7)

My sister is in Year 9 so starting at Emanuel wasn’t so nerve-racking for me. It felt familiar because I had already been to a couple of the summer Dacre Day events and sort of knew my way around the school.

I was a bit nervous about the teachers and lessons to start with, but that went away quickly because the teachers are really friendly and helpful. They make a lot of effort to help you settle in quickly and my favourite part was the overnight camping trip for all of Year 7– great fun!

    The days go really fast because the lessons are really interesting. The science labs are really cool with loads of equipment I have never used before.

My favourite subjects are Maths and CDR (Computer Design and Robotics) but I pretty much like all of my subjects and I’m learning so many new exciting things now.

The sports facilities and the coaches at school are really really good and I have spent most of my PE and sports lessons doing fitness training and playing rugby for the school. I think we will start swimming soon and I’m really looking forward to joining my sister in rowing in a few years.

Emanuel is an amazing school and I have settled in quickly with loads of new friends. I’m really looking forward to the rest of my time here.

A member of a community (Atitiya, Year 8)

Looking at an imposing school from a bridge that you know you will cross thousands of times in the future is one of the most daunting things you will do.

Your initial reaction is one of fear. All around you, crowds of strangers are milling around, greeting each other, causing you to feel insignificant and overwhelmed, but this is natural whenever one is dealing with the unknown, and compared to other occasions similar to starting at a new school, I managed to adjust to Emanuel without much effort, like a missing jigsaw piece slotting neatly into a gap.

    I feel more than just a pupil going to a school – it is more like being a member of a community.

The main building at Emanuel has been affected by the years, however it has not lost a particle of its splendour, and the ivy climbing up the wall is suitable due to its definition which means loyalty and support. I have thought time and time again that starting at Emanuel is like being a new bulb or seed being planted in a pot complete with goodness, nourishment and everything that is needed to blossom and grow. As pupils of Emanuel, we are given the chance to find ourselves and the choices we make during school will begin to define our future. I have experienced so much of the assistance always available and I feel more than just a pupil going to a school – it is more like being a member of a community. That is why so many people profit from education at Emanuel; the school and staff offer each pupil the foundations to a flourishing future (and more). Of course it will come with some trials, however if you really want to achieve a good goal, you must simply keep trying, and remember why you wanted it in the first place, and this is one of the life lessons that I have learnt through my school life so far.

Different people have different views on what makes a good school, from academic achievements to co-curricular activities to facilities, but Emanuel has exceeded the expectations that most parents have for their children’s schools in all aspects. I can only say that I, along with so many other pupils and OEs, will try my best to deserve the opportunities I have been given to blossom and to grow at Emanuel.

Every living thing should have the right to live and grow, just like how every child should have the right to an education. I have been given this and more, and can say without a shadow of doubt, that I am proud to be able to call myself a pupil at Emanuel School.

Taking every exciting opportunity (Pippa, Year 9)

I was extremely nervous on my first day at Emanuel, but as soon as I arrived all my nerves started to disappear. Everyone is so kind and all the teachers are so supportive.

    In no time at all it felt as if I had been at Emanuel all my life.

Before starting, my main worry was getting lost in the buildings and not being able to find any of my classes. I had no need to fear because everyone is willing to point you in the right direction – you soon learn the route to all your classes, and the teachers are extremely understanding. Every day I love looking at the grand main building of Emanuel and it reminds me how amazing the school is.

My favourite part of Emanuel is the sport. In the autumn term in Year 9, we can do netball or rowing. The sport teachers are extremely kind and always push you to do your best. I also love the library – it is so big with so many areas. We have a long lunch with time for play, chat and co-curricular clubs (so many to choose from, so you are never bored). The refectory provides us with amazing lunches. There is always a variety of foods including pasta, a salad bar and fresh bread.

I am looking forward to starting my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award this term, and taking every exciting opportunity that Emanuel gives me. I am loving life at Emanuel!

A new chapter in my life (Molly, Year 9)

Year 9 is the beginning of Middle School and a new chapter in our lives – one of the highlights of which is choosing our GCSEs and starting the syllabus for some of them.

    It’s daunting, but exciting too – these choices will allow us to explore our favourite subjects for the next two or three years.

With the Middle School comes the opportunity to do the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, with the vast majority of pupils choosing to do it each year. We learn new skills from photography to cookery, or karate to jewellery making, and the award offers a wide range of activities to get involved in beyond the classroom. Pupils who were once Cubs and Brownies are now helping to run them!

In the years to follow, I’m especially looking forward to learning about the ancient, mad world of the Romans in Classical Civilisation, graduating to the senior houses, and tackling the exams head on. GCSEs, we’re coming for you!

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