At Emanuel, we believe that a good education can be explored beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Our pupils have a wealth of clubs and societies to explore during their free time – over 50, in fact – with a wide range of activities taking place every lunchtime and after school. In addition to these, there are 40 subject clinics (in which pupils can further explore, or receive help, with the academic curriculum) and over 30 different musical societies, ensembles and choirs.

The most popular co-curricular activity is, by far, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, with over 100 pupils enrolling in this national programme each year. Other popular activities include Media Club, Bouldering Club, Costume-Making Club, Dr Who Club and Junior Equality Club – the latter of which was set up by a group of Year 6 pupils in 2018.

It is our hope that our pupils will be able to look back on their days at Emanuel, safe in the knowledge that they made the most of the many opportunities on offer. We find that by adopting a ‘have a go’ attitude, pupils will learn a great deal, enjoy themselves and make some strong and lasting friendships along the way.

Have a look at the clubs and societies we currently have on offer below.

Current clubs and societies

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