Registrations Update

      Registrations for 2018 16+ are now closed.

      Concessions requests for the entrance exams in January 2018: The deadline for submitting Educational Psychologist Reports was Friday 10th November 2017. We are unable to accept any further requests.

      We are receiving a large number of registrations for 11+, so please allow a few days for us to process your application and confirm your registration by email.

      At 10+ and 11+ we interview every applicant one to one which is why we limit registrations for 10+ entry at 200 and 11+ entry at 1000. Once we reach these upper limits we will operate a waiting list.

      A child can be registered for one entry point only. If parents wish to change the entry point, then they must withdraw the original registration and re-register for another entry point. This will depend on the other entry point still being open and will require another non-refundable registration fee of £145.


      We take pupils at 10+ (Y6), 11+ (Y7), 13+ (Y9) and 16+ (Sixth Form). 

      Emanuel is an academically selective school but we pride ourselves on doing things a little bit differently from many of the other top schools in London. At 10+ and 11+ we interview every applicant one to one which is why we limit registrations for 10+ entry at 200 and 11+ entry at 1000. There is no upper limit for 13+ entry as we hold the entrance exam first and then call back successful candidates for an interview.  Whilst the average 10+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exam score is 75%, we will admit siblings of children already in the school and candidates accepting scholarships in art, music, sport and drama at a minimum pass mark of 60%. We want to help parents send all their children to the same school and to attract pupils with particular talent in those co-curricular areas in which we excel. 

      We are looking for candidates who are ‘interested and interesting’, ‘doers’ who will fully participate in the life of the school and bring something to Emanuel that benefits the whole community. We hope that your child will wish to stay at school for practices and training sessions after lessons finish and will want to play in sports fixtures or maybe drama or music which may take place on Saturdays (and occasionally on Sundays). We hope that your child will want, at some stage in their Emanuel career, to take part in trips which are organised over half terms and during the holidays. This is not a school which only operates from 8.30am to 3.45pm. We are seeking pupils who are going to make full use of the opportunities on offer here.


      We are looking for candidates who are ‘interested and interesting’, ‘doers’ who will fully participate in the life of the school and bring something to Emanuel that benefits the whole community. 

      Paul McMahon, Registrar



      Admissions Criteria

      Like those seeking a school for their son or daughter, we are trying to ensure that there is a match between us and the candidates. We have four admissions criteria:

      • The latest school report
      • A Head Teacher’s reference
      • A one to one interview
      • The entrance exam 

      We will write to you in the Autumn term before the year of entry asking for your child’s latest written school report which gives us an idea of their achievements and personality. We then write to the Head Teacher of the candidate’s feeder school for a reference. (Please inform them first that your child is trying for a place at Emanuel.) We then call every 10+ and 11+ candidate in for an interview which is designed to discover as much as possible about the candidate’s interests and achievements. Questions are based on areas that they know plenty about i.e. themselves. We are very well aware that for most children this is a stressful occasion (and for many parents!), so we do all we can to set the children at ease. A good command of English is necessary to pass the interview to Emanuel.

      In the January before the year of entry, 10+, 11+ and 13+ candidates will sit our entrance exam. 10+ and 11+ candidates sit papers in Mathematics, English and Verbal Reasoning. The pass mark is a minimum of 60%, but in practice, candidates at 10+ and 11+ are rarely made offers if they score less than 65% in Maths and English and 115 in the VR. Applicants should be aware that the average score of those accepting places is around 75% in Maths and English with a Verbal Reasoning score of 120+, so please bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to apply. 

      The Admissions Process for 10+ and 11+.

      1. Early Autumn Term


      2. Mid to Late Autumn Term

      3. Early Spring Term

      3. Mid Spring Term

      Latest school report

      Head Teacher's reference


      One to one interview


      Entrance exam


      Offers made


      At 13+ we are looking for a minimum score of 60% for Maths, English, Science and a language (French, Spanish, German or Latin). We do not require 13+ candidates to sit Common Entrance, but are happy for them to do so if that is what their Prep school requires. Candidates who have scored at least the minimum pass mark and have satisfactory school reports and references are called back for interview. 13+ offers are made at the same time as 10+ and 11+, before the February half term.

      At 16+ candidates attend an Assessment Day in the November before the year of entry.  We interview all candidates one to one. They then sit papers with numerical and verbal reasoning questions, an essay and 3 x 30 minute papers on 3 different subjects of their choice. Our offers are made at the end of November and are unconditional but, as a guide, our tests are designed to select applicants who should be on course to achieve no fewer than 8 grade As at GCSE and As in the subjects chosen for A level.

      We are very well aware that for most children this is a stressful occasion (and for many parents!), so we do all we can to set the children at ease. 

      Parents seeking special examination arrangements of any kind for a candidate must send a detailed, written request and supporting documentation such as an Educational Psychologist’s report, at the time of registration or to reach the Registrar before the second Friday in November preceding the year of entry. Requests after this date will not be considered.

      Exam concession requests are reviewed in line with the requirements of the Joint Council for Qualifications and what is allowed for external exams. The Head’s decision on exam concession requests is final. The School will confirm in writing which, if any, special arrangements will be made for the candidate. Candidates must bring the letter of confirmation to the entrance exam.

      If you have an Educational Psychologist’s report, to support your child’s application, please note that it is  a  requirement  under  the  School’s  Terms  and  Conditions  for  you  to have  supplied  this information if you accept the offer of a place.

      Availability of Places: 

      For September 2018, we will have up to 48 places available at 10+ and up to 96 places at 11+.  If a pupil is unsuccessful in the 10+ examination he/she is welcome to try again next year for entry at age 11, provided you register again within 14 days of receiving the news about the outcome.  Please note that offers for 10+ entry cannot be deferred to 11+ entry. Similarly, if you reject the offer of a place at 10+, you will not be able to register for 11+ as registrations for that year will have closed. At 13+ we expect to have places for 10 pupils but the exact number will depend on the number of pupils in Year 8 in 2016-17.  For Sixth Form, we expect to recruit up to 20 students from other schools to join us. 


      The Admissions Process for Entry in 2020:

      Please note the admissions process as described above is for entry in September 2018 and 2019. For those parents considering an application for 2020 entry onwards, please be aware that we are currently reviewing our admissions procedure. The review is due to the growth in parental interest and our desire to sustain for a fair and welcoming opportunity for all future applicants. Our aim is to publish the process for 2020 entry early in 2018.

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