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11+ entry

We cap registrations for 11+ entry at 600. We have now reached the cap for 11+ and cannot take any further registrations for September 2017. 

The entrance examination consists of papers in English and Mathematics and a Verbal Reasoning test.

The English examination will be in two sections.  In section A candidates will be asked to read a passage and answer questions which test their powers of comprehension.  In section B, the composition, candidates will be required to display their ability in narrative and/or descriptive writing.  Technical matters such as spelling, punctuation and grammar are important in both sections but great emphasis is also put on imagination, insight, breadth of vocabulary and ability to sustain a piece of writing. 

Click here to download a sample English paper
Click here to download sample English paper No 2

MathematicsEmanuel starts Year 7 classes with level 5 national curriculum material and we expect all pupils to have completed level 4 as a minimum standard by the time they arrive at Emanuel (most  of our students are at level 5 in fact by the time they join us). The purpose of the examination is to identify students who have mathematical potential and who can think logically.  Candidates are encouraged to prepare for the examination by doing mathematical puzzles and logic problems in addition to revising their schoolwork.

Click here to download a sample Mathematics paper

The Verbal Reasoning test: this is our own test. Sample questions are not available but similar papers can be obtained from bookstores or online.

Numbers of places available: we expect to offer around 75 places at 11+ for September 2017.  Please note the comment above regarding the cap on registrations.


  • Scholarship & bursary applications close Friday 18th November 2016
  • 11+ (Year 7) Entrance examination Saturday 14th January 2017
  • Offers published and posted Thursday 9th February 2017
  • Replies by Monday 6th March 2017

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