We teach our students to take responsibility. We encourage them to develop a strong moral code and make informed judgements about what is right or wrong. We encourage respect and good behaviour and promote the importance of caring for others. Pupils are expected to play their part in our community and take pride in their own and other people’s achievements.

      Pupils are made to feel safe and know that their problems are listened to and dealt with. They are taught the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through our extensive Life Skills programme which helps them to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live confident, healthy, independent lives and contribute to the common good of society.

      The excellent pastoral care is achieved through the dedication of the staff, having high expectations of the pupils and promoting open communication between the school, pupils and parents. The email addresses of all staff are published and parents are encouraged to get in touch if they have any concerns. Pupils are regularly consulted through school councils, focus groups and surveys. We have an active Parents’ Association and we keep parents and pupils regularly informed as to their progress through reports and parents’ evenings.

      The School's Pastoral Structure

      • Form Tutor: The form tutor is key pastoral contact. They see their tutees on a daily basis and have an overall picture of a pupil’s life at school and some understanding of their life at home. They are normally the first point of contact for parents whenever they have any concerns.
      • Head of Year: Form tutors work as part of a team which meets on a regular basis under the leadership and encouragement of the Head of Year. The Head of Year is responsible for monitoring pupils’ pastoral welfare, behavioural and general academic performance and will respond to matters referred by tutors and teaching staff, ensuring effective liaison with parents and individual staff as appropriate.
      • Heads of Section: Heads of Year are responsible to Heads of Section: Lower School (Hill, Years 7 and 8), Middle School (Years 9, 10 and 11) and the Sixth Form. Heads of Section provide leadership and advice to their Heads of Year and Form Tutors monitoring the behaviour and performance of pupils in their sections and ensuring the smooth transition between year groups.


      Specially trained Year 9 student mentors are available in the Year 6 and Year 7 playgrounds at lunchtime to offer support and advice about peer group friendships, dealing with the workload, homework and general organisation. 

      Sometimes they simply need to lend a sympathetic and friendly ear. Additionally, members of the Sixth Form work with individuals in Years 6 to 9 who have either self-referred or been referred by a parent or a teacher, offering help with specific subjects, organisational skills and reading. Pupils have someone to go to and can feel more comfortable around older students, which in turn helps them develop their social skills, confidence and develop self-worth.

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