Year 7 and 8 pupils in Science week were tasked to design and build a flood-proof house for the fictional Island of Watu. Their house would have to withstand certain rainfall (a bucket of water) and earthquake (vigorous shaking) challenges. 

Each class had a group winner who were chosen by the class and treated with prizes from a range of chocolate, frictions pens, metal, wood and cube puzzles. An overall winner across both year groups was decided and given a bigger science prize from circuit boards, sea monkeys, to home experiments. The winning group were from 7AFH. Well done Emilia, Darya, Ben and Tom. Their Teacher commented:

“They were the overall winners of the Beat the Flood competition for an innovative design that combined excellent research & testing of materials. The group’s design was well thought out and supported by a confident presentation that displayed great teamwork and an excellent rationale behind decision making. Their fantastic flood-proof house survived hostile conditions in the C1 sink and was voted unanimously by the class as the winner. Well done!”

Mr Buxton (Teacher of Chemistry)