OE 1972-1977

Jeremy has held the role of publisher at major UK publishing company Pan Macmillan since 2000.

He reflects on his memories of Emanuel, including his day-to-day passions of the boat club and the school choir. He reminisces about his sixth form English teacher, Mr Duesbury – former actor at the RSC – among other wonderful teachers from the humanities departments.

Emanuel has an ethos which places as much value on the person you are to become as the grades you might achieve… it was genuinely a character-building experience.

After Emanuel, Jeremy did a Postgraduate Diploma in Publishing at Oxford Polytechnic where he learnt about everything from publishing, including editing skills, libel law and the technical skills involved in producing and designing books.

He discusses the challenges faced by the publishing industry, such as the arrival and dominance of Amazon as a UK retailer and the explosion of digital ebooks. However, Jeremy believes that there will always be a role for publishers and the industry; technology, he states, will never replace people, instincts, trust and relationships.