OE 2005-2011

Roz won the Pewter Live Competition in 2015 and was selected for a residency at Courtyard Arts Centre in Hertford. Her work can be viewed at www.rozadamsstudio.com

Roz left Emanuel for Cardiff School of Art and Design, where she completed a degree entitled ‘Artist Designer: Maker’. During her time in Cardiff, she learnt to work with a variety of materials including ceramics, plasters, plastics and metals before specialising in metal in her final year.

She has built her own 3D printer and metal furnace and is working on designs to construct her own custom polishing wheel. Her work is inspired by the process by which things are created – a complex making process that she uses in the finished artefact.

Roz says that her time at Emanuel enabled her to experiment with materials and to develop creativity while furthering her knowledge of art theory in a relaxed and welcoming environment.