Emanuel pupils in Years 6 to 11 were offered the chance to enter the Bebras Challenge. 75 Emanuel pupils received an award of Distinction and a further 81 pupils received and award of Merit. Of those that received the award of Distinction, 74 also received a Gold Certificate.

The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to pupils. It is organised in over 50 countries and designed to get pupils all over the world excited about computing.

Oxford University is in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the National Organising Body of the UK Bebras Challenge.

Pupils receiving a Merit are in the top 50% of all entries, and those receiving Distinction are in the top 25% of entries. Some pupils will receive a Gold Certificate which indicates a result in the top 10% nationally. In all cases, this demonstrates an impressive natural aptitude for computational thinking (using the sorts of problem-solving skills and techniques utilised by software engineers), and he/she should feel confident in his/her ability to achieve highly as they progress further in the subject.

Mr MacDonagh (Head of Computing)