As part of the school’s Black History Week, just before half term, the catering team turned to Africa for some inspiration for a wonderful, flavoursome lunch. 

The colours and aromas from the food invoked the delights of African cuisine.  We served Doro Wat a tasty chicken dish from Ethiopia, Merguez a spicy Algerian sausage pattie, Egyptian style white beans in tomato sauce, Koshary which is a delicious Egyptian street food speciality of rice, macaroni, lentils and tomatoes, Chtitha Batata a traditional Algerian spicy potato stew and Gomen Wat, an Ethiopian dish of kale, ginger, spices and green peppers.  For dessert we had

Baqlawa bil Jibna which is a traditional Libyan dessert of sweet cheesecake filling baked in a light and crispy filo pastry.  A special thanks to Mr Skinner for the wonderful menu design picturing each of the dishes next to their country of origin.  A great feast that, from the wonderful feedback we received, everyone enjoyed.

Phyllis Street (Catering Manager)