Congratulations to Gabriel (Year 6), who successfully passed his PADI Junior Open Water scuba-diving certification over the Easter holidays. Gabriel achieved this at the minimum possible age to take the course, which is 10 years old.

The course consists of three main phases:

  • A knowledge development (classroom) course to understand the principles of scuba diving, such as depth and pressure, effect on body physiology, buoyancy principles, etc.
  • Training dives to learn basic scuba skills such as removing and replacing your mask underwater and simulating the absence of breathable air
  • Open water dives to apply the skills and explore the underwater sea environment.

Gabriel was accompanied on his last dive by his father; they dived to a depth of eight metres and observed beautiful sea-life activity including cuttlefish, parrotfish, barracuda, seastars, fireworm and beautiful nudibranchs.