Swap screen time for green time! The biodiversity garden is a beautiful, calm place where you can have a break from your studies and help plants to thrive.

It is a good way of relaxing and enjoying the peace after a busy morning. It is also amazing for your mental health as you step back from everything and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings! Gardening enhances our Emanuel environment and it not only benefits you, it benefits the entire school as everyone can admire the amazing garden!

We have very bright plans for the future. We want to grow a variety of herbs, flowers, and other plants that we can eat. In the summer, we want to get lots of sunflowers to increase the aesthetics of our garden. Our main aim for the future is bees. We would like to get a hive, which will allow us to make our garden a lot more biodiverse, and even be able to collect honey to give to students.

We meet every Monday at the Biodiversity Garden at 1:10 and the only thing you need is gardening gloves.

Mishka and Alex (Year 8)