Head Boy Siddiq Islam has been tapping into his creative side during the Covid-19 lockdown by writing and recording his own song.

Listen to ‘O Come, O Come, Emanuelites’ below.

O come, O come, Emanuelites,
We’re captives here, but not for long so it will be alright
This lonely exile ends when it is due
So I’ll relearn your face shortly after
When it’s done, and I’m stretching my legs in the sunshine,
In the sun.

O come, O come, Emanuelites,
It’s not for long so please don’t pick a fight against what’s right
And if you think you’ve not much else to do
Then I’ll expect you to call me in the evening
In a while we’ll be free, and meanwhile I’ll dream of your smiling,
Of your smile.

O come, O come, Emanuelites,
I’ll come back to you in a year or in a couple nights
And whilst it’s unsure when I might return, I will say this:
I’ll never not be looking forward to it.