Over 100 pupils from Emanuel School Boat Club raced down the 2.7km course in early February. 16 crews raced and 6 of our crews finishing in the top 4 in each of their categories.

Girls First Eight- 2nd place

Scarlett (Cox) Maya, Gemma, Maddy (Captain), Emily, Amelia, Esme , Indigo, Phoebe

Boys First Coxless Four-  3rd Place

Isaac, Harper, Aron, Jackson (Captain)

Boys J16 Coxed Four- 2nd Place

Lucien, Harry, Francis, Raffy, Artie

Girls Second Eight- 3rd Place

Maddie, Freya, Dorothy, Phoebe B, Phoebe P, Scarlett , Daniela, Phoebe M, Katrina

Boys J15 Coxed Four 3rd Place

Mannaseh (Cox) Thomas, Nick, Miles, Dan

Mr Liversage (Director of Rowing)