Karan (7CY) was recently involved in a neighbourhood concert to raise spirits within the local community. 

A group of singers and musicians have been getting together in the driveway of his building in Putney to perform a free concert on weekends. It is an informal setting (keeping a safe 2 metres apart!), with the sole purpose of sharing their music with the neighbours in order to keep everyone’s spirits up.

For the past two weekends, Karan has been invited to sing a couple of solo songs as part of the concert. He sang ‘Lego House’ and ‘Love Me Again’ – both of which he is also working on with peripatetic teacher James Oldfield towards sitting his Grade 3 Rock School vocal exam later this year – and ‘Rewrite the Stars’ (from The Greatest Showman) and ‘Old Town Road’. Karan thoroughly enjoyed his first ever public performances and did really well.

Well done!