Yesterday we received a wonderful poem from Kieran (7HEB) that he wrote (by choice!) during the Easter holidays about his experience of isolation. We share it below.


The start of the day is simple,

The kitchen is where I go,

Then we go for a walk with the dog,

Oh wait… no.


Now we go to the garden,

Which is fit for kings,

There is football, rugby,

And lots of different things.


Not one, not two, but three brothers,

This time at home could be worse,

There are games to play and meals to eat,

And most of all no virus to nurse.


On Thursday nights we clap the NHS,

Our thanks to them has been clearly said,

In my head I clap the services,

That keep me and my family fed.


Just a reminder to all of those at home,

Staying in your house is crucial,

Stay safe, stay happy,

Physical contact with strangers is brutal.


Those that have the deadly virus,

Just fight that pain a little longer,

If you follow the rules the government has set,

We’ll be out again a little stronger.