A couple of weeks ago, our netball teams managed to take part in the Surrey Finals. Read the team reports below.


After a very tough and challenging day at the qualifiers, we were extremely happy to get through to the finals. We had many hard-core training sessions between then and the finals and the coaches really helped us improve throughout them. We worked as hard as we could, determined to do well, knowing that there would be some tough competition. The team all played brilliantly, supporting one another throughout the tournament and winning 2/5 matches, placing us fourth in the group. A great end to our first netball season together. Well played team!

Kaia (7SWJ)



We always knew it wasn’t going to be easy three members down, but we still had our spirits high. We all managed to arrive bright and early at 7 o’clock, Lucy the only lively one at this time in the morning. After around a two hour coach journey most of us were fast asleep, and this is when we were told we were meant to play in 10 minutes! We sprinted down to the courts and jumped on side, and although we were half asleep Chloe’s interceptions made it nearly impossible for the opposing team to shoot. After a few games we were struck by a hail storm and had to take cover in a shack with many other teams, but without Meg’s music this wouldn’t have been as good of a moment. Once the hail had calmed down we were back on giving it all our best: Fleur was like a rocket in center and Alice was always there at the right time, with Lily working the D and Isabella barely missing a shot. Overall it was a great experience with its ups and downs; we may not have won but we learnt how to play even at our lowest moments and still keep a smile on our faces.

Jemima (9MAH)


I have been really proud of the U15s this term. They have turned up to the cold morning training sessions and not moaned when I’ve made them train outside (at least not too much anyway!) and worked hard and despite it being hockey term, they played really well on the day of the tournament. It was clear how much netball and the team meant to the girls when half of them were ill but were so determined to play and play their hardest for each other. I’d also like to thank all the parents who came to support on the day.

Miss Yeomans (Head of Netball)