Jake Hooley (OE 2018) took on a new project during the Covid-19 lockdown and developed his own YouTube channel, which is beginning to pick up attention.

For the last two years Jake has been studying Economics at the University of York and his YouTube channel ‘Money Master’ explores the complex world of personal finance, picking up over 100 subscribers in its first month. Money Master has a chatty, lively, and accessible style which is aimed at teenagers and those in their twenties who want to learn more about finance, investing and entrepreneurship.

Jake noted that Emanuel’s Economics teachers (Mr Tong, Ms Walton and Mr Hipperson) were instrumental in his decision to study Economics. Emanuel’s wide range of external speakers and successful business people who visited were an added bonus, including the founder of Ocado and OE Kevin McKevitt, who owns the sandwich chain Tossed.

Jake was in London when the country went into lockdown and has not returned to York since. Like many other students, he had to sit his end of second year exams from the comfort of his own home, which was obviously a very strange experience. Jake hopes to return to York for his final year, although the opportunity for virtual lectures will probably remain.

At Emanuel, Jake was a sports scholar and a talented rower and runner, competing at county level for Middlesex. After graduating, he hopes to become a financial advisor or work in wealth management, as he likes the idea of helping mange other people’s finances and achieving financial goals.

Jake posts new videos at 3pm every Friday and will shortly be appearing as a guest on Jason Butler’s ‘Real Money Stories’ podcast. At some point in the future we are sure Mr Tong will have Jake back into school to inspire the next generation of Emanuel Economists by leading his own talk!