We were delighted to hear that Charlie Barty-King (OE2004-11), who is studying for a Science PhD at Wolfson’s College Cambridge, was recently awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards for 2021.

67 students were nominated at Cambridge University and nine received awards for outstanding local community environmental projects. The terrific work Charlie does at Wolfson’s College is strongly connected to sustainability and conservation.

The Cambridge Hub has these lovely comments to say about Charlie:

“Charlie Barty-King is a highly motivated Wolfson College PhD student in Engineering, with extensive and varied experience across STEM, hospitality and social sectors. He has excellent administrative and communication skills and values being a net positive to those around him with kindness and honesty. He has contributed energetically to the students’ association and more recently in the founding of the open access Green Society of Wolfson College and launching of the college’s Sustainability and Conservation research Hub. He holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and in Research (Ultra Precision), studies next generation sustainable materials and holds an NUS Green Impact Challenge Student Leadership Award.”

Charlie last visited Emanuel in 2019 to lead a talk on his PhD subject on photonics in nature and producing weavable photonic fibres which can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries. Hopefully, Charlie will visit Emanuel again in the not-too-distant future and once his PhD has finished, we look forward to addressing him as “Doctor!”

Well done Charlie and congratulations from everyone at Emanuel.