After a year of no live theatre, Emanuel Drama are pleased to have delivered a live streamed performance of the Year 8 Play, ‘Paper Aeroplanes’, on Thursday evening. This play, which was initially meant to be performed in May 2020, has seen 24 year 8 pupils and two Year 9 tech pupils creatively collaborate to deliver this performance.

‘Paper Aeroplanes’ is a light-hearted, fun adventure story where 10-year-old Maisie gets catapulted into a world full of weird and wonderful creatures, including a gherkin, a fluffy pink elephant and a fish tank full of jellyfish. Maisie is on a mission to defeat the evil toad mistress and somehow find her way back home.

The cast and crew have worked exceptionally hard throughout these last few months to get this show up and running, and I cannot express the level of talent and commitment each and every pupil has brought to this process.

We are hugely grateful to be able to start putting on shows again, and are hoping live audiences are just on the horizon for our future shows!

Miss Caffyn (Director in Residence)