The fifth Emanuel Poetry Slam took place on Friday 7th February in the library with renowned poet and broadcaster Mr Gee as the guest judge.

Mr Gee performed his poem ‘Go tell it to the mountain’ inspired by the James Baldwin novel of the same name. The standard of the competition was extremely high with pupils in Years 6-9 performing their Slam poems on the theme ‘My World’ and tackling issues as diverse as: the climate emergency, grief, illness, family identity and social unity.

Mr Gee (who has worked with many schools over the last 20 years) was extremely impressed the quality of pupils’ poems and was blown away by the creativity and maturity evident in Amelia’s poem in particular. It was a well-attended event which pupils, staff and parents enjoyed.

Poetry Slam Winners:

  • Year 6: Eva Guilfoyle (6EKM)
  • Year 7: Manasseh Lemma (7AFH)
  • Year 8: Emil Warren (8AFK)
  • Year 9: Amelia Molloy (9MAH)
  • Overall Winner: Amelia Molloy


  • Year 6:
    • Eva Guilfoyle 6EKM
    • Lexie Kemp 6CAL
  • Year 7:
    • Max Dundas 7SWJ
    • Esme Mills 7LAS
    • Emma Peon 7CY
    • Alexia Pinto-Urra  7HEB
    • Eliza Wallis 7SVW
    • Manasseh Lemma 7AFH
  • Year 8:
    • Dougie Wadie 8RJA
    • Isabelle O’Callaghan 8RDC
    • Alex Webb 8MSH
    • Emil Warren 8AFK
    • Scarlett Ludlow 8WGD
    • Alex Cooke 8LVD
  • Year 9:
    • Isla Keith  9CMB
    • Seb Rumble 9SJB
    • Etienne Boles 9RET
    • Jess Hubble 9AJL
    • Amelia Molloy 9MAH
    • Gabriel Freeman 9CMB

Mr Healy (Deputy Head of English)

Amelia, overall winner, with Mr Gee