A spot of biodiversity in the Southwest of London.

The Emanuel eco-garden is the site of the Primary Ambitions biodiversity module every Friday afternoon. Primary school pupils have been exploring the garden though a scavenger hunt where they have been finding some of the plants, animals and insects that call the eco-garden their home (or habitat!). Pupils have also been sampling the garden using quadrats to assess how biodiverse the garden is as well as taking samples of the pond water to analyse using microscopes. We have found some very interesting microscopic aquatic organisms, and this has been a highlight for many of the primary school pupils and Lower Sixth pupils:

‘My favourite part of teaching the biodiversity module has been introducing the children to the world of microbiology by viewing samples of the pond water under microscopes. It’s been really enjoyable to teach them about how biology lives all around them even when they can’t see it and watching them engage with how their actions can affect the environment.’


In addition to assessing the biodiversity of the garden, pupils have considered the impact of activities such as deforestation on biodiversity by creating a game of top trumps and in the final session pupils made their own insect hotel to better understand what everyone can do to help improve biodiversity.

‘My highlight was sitting with the kids and helping them make an insect hotel and making one myself.’

Ben Horley

Miss Wells, (PA Supervisor – Bio-diversity module)