At the start of the Autumn term, the Lower Sixth students began planning their lessons for the topic Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

We first had to learn how to use Soundtrap, an online music programme which allows you to create songs, using your own music that you have composed as well as pre-composed loops. There were multiple other functions that we had to grasp but we had fun in our first lesson. In the subsequent weeks, we worked together to plan each lesson so that we could teach the primary pupils who would join us later in the term.

Just after Autumn half term, we welcomed our first group of students to the classroom. They were enthusiastic and loved the practical element of EDM. Many students already had a keen interest in the subject so were thrilled when they found out that they would be composing their own pieces. Students began to explore the loops and composed a simple composition. We then introduced them to the different effects that they could add and they continued adding to their compositions. The students have loved the sessions and were extremely keen to show the rest of the class what they had done.

One particularly proud moment for us was when many students were away for the Carol Service, which left only 3 students to lead the lesson. We had to adjust to the situation, improvise as a group and adapt the lesson which we had not planned. During our lessons, we have also developed a range of skills such as time management and patience, social skills and how to build positive relationships. We’ve learnt how to interact with younger students to help them achieve and have really enjoyed getting to know the students. We have gained confidence in public speaking. It has also helped us see the classroom from the teacher’s perspective!

Ms Chambers – PA Supervisor (Electronic Dance Music)