When we moved into year group bubbles last September numbers dictated that the Psychotronic Book Club focus on Year 11, as many of the most committed members of the group were in that cohort. Although we have not attracted many new members, regulars Maddie, Esme, Emily, Freya and Lucy have kept their love of weird fiction flying high and none have missed any of our half-termly meetings across the year.

Last Tuesday we met to discuss Agustina Bazerrica’s recently translated Argentinean novel Tender is the Flesh, which provided much food for thought (in more ways than one). It is an incredibly bleak tale of how we deal with a worldwide foot shortage and this dystopian parable is guaranteed to have you turning vegetarian. Everybody loved the book and we had a fantastic discussion on the merits of this literary horror novel, which  even led to a few tears being shed. We argued about its shocking ending and whether it was more of a copout than a twist.

Before Year 11 leave we intend to squeeze in Stephen King’s brand new short novel Later about a teenager who sees dead people. This particular group love horror novels and they are guaranteed to enjoy King’s latest book which has been picking up universal praise. I have already read it and am sure this group will devour it over the Easter holidays, in between revising for their final set of exams!

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian)