Last week, three Old Emanuels who work in the NHS gave a very honest account of what it’s like to work in our cherished, free national health service.

We heard, with jealous looks on our faces, how their proudest moments included receiving their first thank you letter, delivering their first baby and meeting a patient they had helped through a very difficult time while walking down the street. We learned that it isn’t all as glamorous as it seems, although it is most definitely as fast-paced as Holby City. Leaving their patients’ thoughts and worries at the door has helped them to clear the blurred lines and maintain a work-life balance. Furthermore, it is essential that when their shift ends, they drop all their work and hand over to the incoming team. Unlike Holby City, they don’t get paid for doing overtime like this and their mental health certainly doesn’t pay them either. Going out with friends and engaging in team sport helps them to unwind on their precious days off.

Overall a very eye-opening talk, made more helpful that the speakers were OEs. They are young enough to be relatable but old enough to have valuable experience worth passing on. Thank you to Dr Farzad Shams (OE 2012), Sabine Coates (OE 2014) and Lottie Farrimond (OE 2013) for their time and sharing their experiences!

Matthew Bithell (L6AZ)

Sabby, Farzad and Lottie ready to field questions from the audience

The former students reconnected with Joyce in the Sixth Form Cafe