This term, we had our quiz connected to the books featured in the Trinity School Book Award (TSBA) Six Book Challenge, which has been ongoing over the last few months. Many more pupils read the books (or managed to finish some of them) than those featured in the photo. Overall, we were pleased with the positive reaction to the novels and the vast majority of the reviews we received showed how much the books had been enjoyed.

The quiz was very fast moving and the pupils had a lot of fun with the buzzers. Some of the participants were incredibly fast on the buzzer and we would like to applaud, in particular, Atitiya (year 8) and Jonathan (year 7) who both answered the most questions and had startling knowledge of the novels under review.

We gave out a number of book review prizes for the best submissions:

Overall 500 Word Review Winners: Jonathan (year 7) and Tom (year 8)

Year 6 Prize: Esme

Year 7 Prize: Freya and Arlo

Year 8 Prize: Emma

Overall 100 Word Review Winners: Meg (year 8)

Year 6 Prize: Cal

Year 7 Prize: Sophia and Thomas

Year 8 Prize: Sophie and Atitiya

Jonathan and Tom’s 500 word reviews have been selected to represent Emanuel School in the wider Trinity School Book Award.

Although the reading element of the TSBA Six Book Challenge is finished, there is still some life in the event as the final part of the competition, the creative response, has a deadline of 8th February. We have already had some excellent submissions including a mirror (by Piper, featured in the photo being held by another pupil), which is inspired by the Alice Broadway novel Ink. The two best selections will represent Emanuel in the wider TSBA competition and we will reveal our winners after half-term.

Finally, on 15th March, a group of pupils will travel to Caterham School for the TSBA Annual Ceremony in which an amazing five of the six authors on the TSBA Six Book Challenge will be there in person. This will be a very exciting opportunity for those who have read the books to meet the authors, hear the discussion and participate in the Q&A.

The TSBA Six Book Challenge will return later in the summer term when the next shortlist is revealed, following the theme “Stand Up! Speak Out!” Pupils will have the opportunity to read some of the books over the summer holidays.

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian & Archivist)