Using her own initiative, Jay Martin (Head Girl) organised cricket, rugby and netball skills development sessions with some of her sixth form colleagues for Year 5 6 children from our local partner schools during the summer holidays. The schools that participated – Glenbrook, St Mary’s, Falconbrook and Langford – loved the sessions. They have limited sports provision and specialist coaching so our students’ efforts were greatly appreciated.

The sixth formers had the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and learn how to give positive feedback and encouragement, how to manage behaviour and how to communicate skills that might come naturally to them, but not to all of the children they were working with.  The partner school children learned new skills and loved being led by non-teachers close to their own age.

The Emanuel coaches included Grace Thompson,  Maddie Jeynes, Maisie Holmes, Lizzie Adleman, Ben Thesiger, Katy Bracegirdle, Becky Derlin, Ollie Olby, Oscar Wainman, Charlie Shinn, Will Craigie, Jude Tod-Warmouth and Jay Martin.

The Year 6 teacher from Glenbrook said:

It has been a fantastic day with your wonderful students. They were an absolute credit to your school and to themselves. We were more than impressed with how professional they were with their own conduct and the tasks that they provided all day. They were super informative and knowledgeable with how to provide the sessions that they held. Our children have had a fantastic day as the volunteers made it so much fun.

Well done to the team!

Lisa Irwin (Deputy Development and Community Partnerships Director)