Do your parents or grandparents constantly ask you how to use their technology and bring a list of questions every time they visit? Did they ever figure out how to get on those Zoom calls that were scheduled during lockdown? (Mine didn’t) And even worse, some elderly have no one to help them when they struggle with their tech.  

That’s why last Friday (the 11th March) a group of Emanuel students went to Signature Wandsworth to help the elderly residents with using their tech. We had a menu where they could order what type of ‘help’ they needed if their questions didn’t come to mind straight away, e.g. how to make the font size bigger on their devices. This was a great opportunity as we were able to teach them functions that they didn’t even know existed!

Tech was important, but so was the tea. As we had conversations over tea and snacks it became apparent that they appreciated our help, but our company was of even greater value as many felt lonely. It was great to hear how the students had impacted those at Signature Wandsworth both through technology and fulfilling conversations.

We are holding another event on April 22nd for some of our older OEs in the Library. We are really looking forward to it.

Bobbie (Community Partnership and Outreach Prefect, Upper Sixth)