Last Tuesday, the Year 10 Art pupils visited the Tate Modern gallery in London.

We arrived at the Turbine Hall, somewhat jaded, having been forced to battle through torrential rain to get there, after the 381 bus broke down just outside Waterloo Station. Once there, however, the mood quickly lifted. Pupils were immediately captivated by the gallery’s latest exhibition ‘In Real Life’ by the Danish-Icelandic, multidisciplinary artist Olafur Eliasson and expanded their knowledge of the current GCSE topic ‘Inside, Outside, Centre’. They drew from a range of maquettes inspired by complex geometry, and explored the unusual sculptures and installations which introduced natural phenomena such as reindeer lichen, rain and rainbows into the gallery space.

Particularly inspiring for the group was the fog corridor, a long stretch of dense fog that you walk through which is not only a test of bravery but a challenge for the rods and cones in your eyes which start to emit pink dots as you move along the space, to counteract the startling white. Pupils enjoyed the ‘Materials and Processes’ permanent display in the gallery, which extended their understanding of unexpected materials artists can use, for example lead, hair and venetian blinds.

The trip has helped the Year 10 Art group broaden their understanding of art and to learn more about the Tate collection. Pupils will go on to use their research to inspire further work and ideas.

Miss Cottone (Deputy Head of Art)