We were delighted to find out that both our entries in the ‘Creative Response’ category of the recent TSBA (Six Book Challenge) won prizes.

Around thirty schools were involved, with each submitting their strongest two entries. We were delighted that both our entries received recognition, especially considering the level of competition was so fierce.

Very well done Nico (Year 7) and Oliver (Year 8)! Both boys submitted very clever films, which can be viewed on the Emanuel YouTube channel.

First Prize, Nico: https://youtu.be/RyTLrE4D7RY

This moving film connects together the refugee stories of ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ (Elizabeth Laird) and ‘The Arrival (Shaun Tan). The judges were so impressed by this film they asked Nico’s permission to use it for a reading charity raising money for Ukrainian refugees.

Runner-up prize, Oliver: https://youtu.be/Ou_oU8RBA78

This film is a clever reimagining of a part of ‘The Foreshadowing’ (Marcus Sedgwick).

The 2021/22 TSBA competition is now over, however it will return soon. The theme for the 2022/3 Six Book Challenge is ‘Facing the Future’ so expect exciting novels about climate change and children fighting to save the future.

The next list will drop in June for those pupils in Year 6 and 7 looking to getting started over the summer holidays.

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian)