In light of this developing situation, this update sets out the precautions the school has taken to protect the broader community from the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19). This information is relevant to all pupils, parents, staff and any visitors to the school, with more detailed advice having been communicated to those groups separately.


Wednesday 18th March

Please refer to the letter from the Headmaster, Mr Milne, to all parents below. To summarise:

  • The school site will close at 3.45pm on Thursday 19th March
  • Friday 20th March will be a staff training day
  • Monday 23rd will commence remote learning.


Friday 13th March

Please refer to the letter from the Headmaster, Mr Milne, to all parents below. Visitors to the school site should also read ‘access to the school site’ below.


Access to the school site:

Following the latest government guidance on 12 March 2020 regarding COVID-19, the school is now unable to accept any visitors who are displaying the following symptoms:

  • New continuous cough, and/or high temperature

We would politely request that all visitors to the site are asymptomatic to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

All visitors should follow the basic hygiene guidance whilst on site:

  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water
  • Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes (if you don’t have a tissue use your elbow)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth using unwashed hands

Should you have any concerns, please speak to a member of staff. For further advice please refer to the Public Health England website.

Friday 6th March

Dear Parents,

You may have seen that as of yesterday, Public Health England has now updated the advice for those who have travelled from Italy. As such, anyone who has travelled from anywhere in Italy in the last 14 days and is experiencing symptoms (cough, high temperature or shortness of breath, even if mild) should remain at home and contact NHS 111 ( to seek guidance. Italy is now officially considered a category 2 region, outside of the 11 towns currently under containment measures which are considered category 1 regions.

As before, anyone returning from a category 1 region should remain at home and contact NHS 111. Those returning from category 2 regions should only remain at home if they are experiencing symptoms. Please do contact the school should you have travelled through these regions so we may keep accurate records should the advice change again, In the first instance, we would ask that you contact the school nurse ( and the deputy head: pastoral ( A full list of the category 1 and 2 regions is included below.

We continue to review all trips, visits and events, and will be in touch with the relevant parents as any decisions are made.

We appreciate the school has written a number letters to parents this week and we thank you for understanding our need to keep the school community apprised of developments. We are grateful for the efforts that families are making to work with the school during this challenging situation.


Monday 2nd March

The school continues to monitor the advice of Public Health England on daily basis and updates its procedures accordingly.

We are extremely grateful for the support of the entire school community during what is a challenging time. We are well aware of the additional concern and complications this has caused and we are thankful for the steps pupils, parents, staff and visitors are taking to work with us. The health and safety of our pupils, staff and wider school community, as ever, continues to be our priority.

We have noted the updated advice from Public Health England, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the NHS regarding travellers from category 1 and category 2 countries/areas (as defined below).

Pupils and staff have been briefed regarding infection control and have been encouraged to pay particular attention to hand hygiene. A number of new hand sanitisers have been installed around the school.

Precautions the school has taken:

  • All parents and staff have been written to and advised of the school’s approach to pupils travelling back from category 1 and category 2 regions; this is in line with the guidance for education settings issued by Public Health England.
  • All parents and staff have been written to and advised of the school’s approach to those who have come into close contact with any individual who has travelled from a category 1 or 2 region.
  • All parents (and staff) have been asked to notify the school if their chid has travelled from category 1 or 2 areas within the last 14 days or develops symptoms of the coronavirus, so a detailed record can be kept and the appropriate action is followed.
  • All visiting schools have been written to and advised of the school’s new procedures.
  • All visitors on-site are required to inform the school if they have travelled from category 1 or 2 regions within the last 14 days; the school is unable to accept any visitor who had travelled from category 1 region or anyone from a category 2 region who is displaying symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • The school continues to inform and work closely with the governing body on all matters.